Retail, design: “El Té” Tea House

El-Te-tea-house-by-Estudio-30-51-Porto-Alegre-Brazil-08 El-Te-tea-house-by-Estudio-30-51-Porto-Alegre-Brazil El-Te-tea-house-by-Estudio-30-51-Porto-Alegre-Brazil-02 El-Te-tea-house-by-Estudio-30-51-Porto-Alegre-Brazil-03 El-Te-tea-house-by-Estudio-30-51-Porto-Alegre-Brazil-04 El-Te-tea-house-by-Estudio-30-51-Porto-Alegre-Brazil-05 El-Te-tea-house-by-Estudio-30-51-Porto-Alegre-Brazil-06 El-Te-tea-house-by-Estudio-30-51-Porto-Alegre-Brazil-07

Designed by Estudio 30 51, the architecture studio decided to use the packaging colors as the starting point for the  shop’s design.

Based in Porto Alegre, parallel 30 ° south and 51 ° west meridian, Estudio 30 51 was founded in 2013 by architects Gustavo Sbardelotto and Renata Beck.

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