Activation, digital: STALKER

I discovered today this great activation crafted by BBDO Belgium for Stalker. I believe this is a brilliant idea, deliciously creepy and pretty frightening but truly interesting and efficient.

LinkedIn is primarily known as a professional business network. Yet, it also has a quite creepy and voyeuristic side: the ‘who’s viewed your profile’ feature. Vier and BBDO used this functionality to announce the launch of ‘Stalker’, a new thriller series.

They created a fictional LinkedIn profile for ‘Stalker’ and filled it out with broadcast info, an exclusive trailer and some personal yet very disturbing details. ‘Stalker’ viewed about 12,000 other LinkedIn profiles.

All those victims got a notification that a certain ‘Stalker’ had looked at their profile. 63% got curious and viewed Stalker’s profile in return.

Even without having a Twitter account of his own, ‘Stalker’ got around 27,600 Twitter impressions.

So great news for the desperate ones out there: stalking does work.


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