Design of exception: Nuna

The insanely cool design studio from Berlin, Neubau has just reveal its last fantastic project : Nuna, the most delicious popsicle in the world.

Beautiful, impactful, brutally efficient and desirable, it is a unique piece of design. Can’t wait to get mine, it’s almost a pity to have to eat it !

Nuna is a revolutionary popsicle developed exclusively on a sustainable bamboo stick. Beautifully designed and manufactured by an international group of experts.

Comprised of all natural ingredients in an explosive variety of fresh flavours, each formulated by award winning and internationally acclaimed master chef Heiko Antoniewicz. The unique one of a kind form evolved from the minds of architect Manu Kumar and designer Stefan Gandl.

An extraordinary popsicle that redefines form and taste… It’s out of this world.


69de3c3aae5edfae2b6f6ea8c31246e8 dd6e8d2598e10a8543ca7369ba49eb5c 2b82de7623f4d0eb81a3631038a14bbb 814126e34ff2679c5c6d45299b89029f 140681d4d53983f209d8e48fc447c279

1febfe0cbc543798042d67ec7bc253a987bd7fc1ebdaae9767adde0ad95d0431 7cb52c997c2866fbe682419e6cee9682 b55171ac2c49885f22522656bdbbf897 4f9d5346a652f3fc1b55fd07902359e6 555eb1a005e2fac72b32a6ce2e2b269a 792caf4e86eacd78ac7390a9145e2d99 a8c061fea8c7d06565fcd8d2d0bc0e33 a6ffa2bb325d36103c6d9853d4ea7e45 0976d498b81629e2a543fb7c29025ae5 28f14633008ab12c46454cefe149fbaa 682c9d547aa3580d1b7f89203fa9e10e d9abb60b9cffef98f3e3d35b7c6f4724  297fe335cf2a1f9963009e71c3623972



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