Identity, retail: DOB3

I have discovered today this brilliant project from Kiss Miklos, a global branding studio in Budapest. This is a complete branding project for DOB3, a beer and whiskey bar/restaurant.

I like its inherent creativity with an interesting work on typography.

My intention was to capture beer’s essence. I didn’t want to create only a logo, my aim was to familiarize people with the extremely diverse world of beer.

I wanted the final branding to be smart with a friendly approachable atmosphere. Says Kiss Miklos. For complete information, I recommend you to visit their site.


output_nBCGYz BJP_0805 DOB3-identity-01 DOB3-identity-08 DOB3-identity-02 DOB3-identity-06 BJP_0812 BJP_0815 BJP_0827 BJP_0833 BJP_0839 BJP_0847 BJP_0859 BJP_0853 BJP_0902 BJP_0920 BJP_0918 Tapeta_Alap BJP_0931 BJP_0932 BJP_0884 BJP_0865 BJP_0869 BJP_0877 BJP_0886 BJP_0888 BJP_0891 BJP_0893 BJP_0933 BJP_0935 BJP_0942 BJP_0982 BJP_0960 BJP_0956 BJP_0978 BJP_0965 BJP_0954 BJP_0974 BJP_0969 DOB3-identity-11


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