Identity, global branding: Schauperl Logistics

Heinz Schauperl Logistics is a b2b transport company created in 1929. They recently commissioned the Austrian branding agency Moodley to work on their identity and complete branding ecosystem.

As the company step of mind has always been “Straight Forward”, Moodley decided to represent it through this red sign and used it as the backbone of Schauperl’s branding system.

I wanted to feature this work because I think it is more complicated to make a fluid and playful identity in b2b business than in b2c. This is a truly living and evolving identity, vibrant for its clients and inspiring for its employees.

moodley_identity_schauperl_1_05 moodley_identity_schauperl_3_05 moodley_identity_schauperl_4_05 moodley_identity_schauperl_5_05 moodley_identity_schauperl_7_05 moodley_identity_schauperl_89 moodley_identity_schauperl_94 moodley_identity_schauperl_96 moodley_identity_schauperl_97 moodley_identity_schauperl_99 moodley_identity_schauperl_9512e3 moodley_identity_schauperl_86 moodley_identity_schauperl_9_05




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