Identity, branding: Mi-Pay

I had the pleasure to discover today the brand new work of SomeOne for Mi-Pay. I like this highly adaptable identity system and its inherent simplicity and I decided to feature it here.

To see more information about this project, I recommend you to check SomeOne’s site.

15562 777 556 433 665 829 362 238

Mi-Pay are a recognised leader in the cardholder-not-present payments market, with particular expertise in mitigating fraud risks for prepay mobile and international calling. Within this complex and competitive world, Mi–Pay needed to get their message and brand across in a way that was simpler, clearer and offered tangible benefit to businesses, mobile operators and investors. 

The core brand world is built around the construct of simplicity and connectivity. Using the hyphen as a connector, we’ve been able to take what were often complex processes, acronyms and services, and deliver them in simple, short and easy to understand phrases. Phrases that not only cut through the market tech-speak, but also make them appear graphically ownable to Mi–Pay. What do we mean by this? “Comprehensive indemnification, fraud prevention and zero fraud loss solutions, used to control the fraud levels on the system” becomes Risk–Free. “Sector complexity and business challenges” becomes Friction–Less, the “future possibilities of the technology” become No–Limits.

Gary Holt, Executive Creative Director, overseeing the strategic and branding project says “the brand world doesn’t stop with sector descriptive headlines. For a B2B, or even B2B2C business, whose communications to customers are often few and far between, we needed every touchpoint, every presentation, every word to work as hard for Mi–Pay as possible. And as ever, we weren’t going to rely on the logo to do all the heavy lifting. So business cards announce Nice–to meet you, financial statements are Mi–Numbers and Mi–Words, even the office eraser is Mi–Mistake…”. 


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