Branding: HeForShe

The award winning branding agency DIA, recently created the identity for “HeForShe”.

I like this case as a branding professional because this identity is modern and well thought, but also as a millennial, because gender equality is a fight of every instant.

As DIA says: “Gender equality is not only a women’s issue, it is a human issue. 

UN Women’s HeForShe solidarity movement brings together one half of humanity in support of the other half of humanity for the benefit of all.

The HeForShe logo mark represents this solidarity movement by joining together aspects of both the female and male symbols. 

This union symbolizes women and men working together to make gender equality a reality. 

This mark does not favor the male or female symbol, but blends them together creating a new symbol for humanity and gender equality.

Overall, the identity communicates with shared masculine and feminine sensibilities.  The typography is bold, but thoughtful while the colors are powerful, warm and energetic.”

H4S_logo_02  H4S_Posters_03 H4S_TICKET H4S_Logo_01 H4S_Letterhead_comp_03 H4S_Letterhead_comp_02 H4S_BusinessCards2-960x540 H4S_Cover_02 H4S_editorial_01 H4S_editorial_05 H4S_editorial_02-960x540 H4S_Scarf H4S_Posters2 LeadingMen_TV_03 LeadingMen_TV_02 LeadingMen_TV_01 LeadingMen_TV_06 EVENT_03


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