Branding, webdesign: Paintbox

I discovered today a beautiful branding work created by Lotta Nieminen.

Lotta Nieminen is an award winning illustrator, graphic designer and art director from Helsinki, Finland.

After working for fashion magazine Trendi, Pentagram Design and RoAndCo Studio, Lotta now runs her own New York-based studio.

I strongly recommend you to visit her site, which is full of interesting projects.

I like this identity because it is at once playful and consistent, elegant and meaningful.

I also appreciate how Lotta chose to adapt it in different contexts : it is applied differently depending on the context.

It is not a unchanging branding which is, I think, the key to a truly contemporary identity.

About Paintbox :

Paintbox is a modern manicure studio in New York offering classic manicures and a curated selection of nail art.

Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_01 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_02 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_03 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_04 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_08 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_05 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_09 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_06 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_07 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_10 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_11 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_12 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_13 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_14 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_15 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_17 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_18 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_16 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_19 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_20 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_21 Lotta-Nieminen_Paintbox_22


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