Global branding: Stockholms Stad

Ok, I know, two projects from the same agency this week, I HAD to feature this one.

Maybe it is because I studied in Stockholm, and I am 100% subjective, but I truly love this branding.

Essen International choose boldness and true originality to imagine Stockholm’s identity. Through traditional asset like St Erik face, they realized a complete ecosystem full of color and creativity.


One city. One vision. One statement.
Stockholm is not only the home of global game changers Niclas Zennström and Daniel Ek, Skype and Spotify respectively. Stockholm is also a global role model in city governance.
Our rebranding for Stockholms stad was initiated by the need to coherently communicate a wide range of offerings, everything from world museums to scavenging.
Stockholm is taking a giant leap forward, fueling its progress with the help of one strong vision, identity and statement. Stockholm is truly becoming the Capital of Scandinavia.
The updated brand is flexible enough to support the city’s many functions and responsibilities and is orbiting around the taylor-made typeface Stockholm Type and the clarified symbol of St:Erik – the patron of Stockholm.


1b60e21827b75e7bce74825cbfde57e4 80563b47ce0fc8fd9afce80b59f0e1f2 8390dd4cd969c999b4059ae9adbd34ac 3ff093d4852159920cbabe12fbb27a6e c74578804cab775c61d16090c382313c 2f080410a4c96c3625dc358ba95f8aa3 691c261a0797d725cbe54000c7cd69b0 495a9c6d1241ae1aa2556b74849d610c 9f2e513771a2dc2ef8599f029e92bd07 b3660f5b130a98f835f7956d0b107023 fd87e646f3f0cf414ed88beb9cf38844 a2891b55d03089d7f965626e9286cf1b 9c9dc7b580831091ee4d108fd7f53eab 2b2e075fbde70e118088624329909cf5 6e8ec92d8338bfdbe3cac009a23c2827


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