Branding: Air BnB rebranding

AirBnb-Design_Studio-22-590x331 AirBnb-Design_Studio-21-590x331 AirBnb-Design_Studio-20-590x331 AirBnb-Design_Studio-3-590x331 AirBnb-Design_Studio-13-590x331 AirBnb-Design_Studio-12-590x331 AirBnb-Design_Studio-4-590x331 AirBnb-Design_Studio-5-590x331 AirBnb-Design_Studio-6-590x331 AirBnb-Design_Studio-7-590x331 AirBnb-Design_Studio-9-590x331 AirBnb-Design_Studio-19-590x331 AirBnb-Design_Studio-18-590x331 AirBnb-Design_Studio-17-590x331 AirBnb-Design_Studio-16-590x331 AirBnb-Design_Studio-15-590x331 AirBnb-Design_Studio-14-590x331 AirBnb-Design_Studio-1-590x331


I spotted today an interesting project on AA13 and Design Studio’s website: Air BnB rebranding work.

To complete this work, Design Studio realized an immersive process with Air BnB :

a complete partnership where some of Design Studio’s members where invited to visit Air BnB offices around the world to completely the background of the brand.

The result is a new identity that reflect the idea of community and sharing. They also reimagined their digital products that I strongly recommend you to have a look at.




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