Break taboos and be bold: FauveParis.

I recently had the pleasure to discover FauveParis. FauveParis is an art place of a new kind in Paris.

FauveParis is an art auction room with the ambition to “free the auctions”. The idea is to demystify the auctions, giving it a modern and playful approach.

Specialized in Art, decorative arts, and lifestyle, FauveParis has a genuine expert eye.

As FauveParis’ purpose is to break taboos and fight clichés, they have also reached another area full of conservative ideas : wine.

Following this avant-garde spirit, the auction room opens on a wine bar: l’Abreuvoir.

It is a nice and cosy wine bar where you can enjoy a surprising wine list, far from stereotypes and conventions.

I had a delightful moment speaking about art with a glass of wine and I strongly recommend you to pay them a visit.


Identity & editorial design:

FauveParis’ identity may look simple but is full of delicious graphic quirks that make it real, playful and generous.

Their catalogs are bold, modern and ambitious.


fauveparis_jouets_10juillet14_couv Capture d’écran 2014-07-02 à 17.08.16 Capture d’écran 2014-07-02 à 17.04.55 Capture d’écran 2014-07-02 à 17.06.53


The place: 

Modern, understated but welcoming, its conciliates old stones and modernity, design and timeless rituals.

copyright david foessel copyright david foessel copyright david foessel copyright david foessel


Auctions and events: 



The Fauves, the team:

Lucie-Eléonore Riveron, Cédric Melado et Alice Landry.

Brave people with bold ideas and strong commitments.

fauveparis_lucie_eleonore_riveron2 fauveparis_cedricmelado2 fauveparis_alice_landry


FauveParis, 49 rue Saint-Sabin, 75011 Paris, France

For more information: visit the blog, the site, and become Fan on Facebook.







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