Studio focus: Echo Brand Design

Echo Brand design is a branding agency based in London. They recently realized two projects that I wanted to feature here.

The first one is their work for Katie Eary a british fashion designer with a fantastic crazy world and the second is Absolem, their prospective trend report to explore the future.

Katie Eary Case Study - Dallas Rodeo ID Katie Eary Case Study - Identity Collage

After a little chat with Katie, Echo enlightened that her brand territory was visual provocation. A result of the fusion of beauty/fashion and transgression/kitsch.

Developing the idea of the ‘Dallas Rodeo’ show,  Echo brought it to life through a Texan BBQ:

they created a VIP box with a branded BBQ fork and playful, pop-your-own sausage with your invite inside… tasty isn’t it ?


Katie Eary Case Study_Sausage Invite Katie Eary Case Study_Steak Invite


I like this activation because it is absolutely out of the context of the usual so-called “transgression” that we are used to see in fashion, such a sexuality, erotism, provocation…

Neither Dallas, nor BBQ are linked to fashion, however, the result fits perfectly to the brand storytelling and its tone of voice.


Speaking now of Absolem, I would present it as a toolkit from the future.

We all know technology is changing our world, developing new needs, infinite possibilities, enabling us to imagine a world we would never have dared to think of before.

Of course, brands have to be, and are already part of it. “Business is changing, for the better” says Echo in Absolem, and they help us to understand it.

I don’t want to spoil the entire work which absolutely fascinating and truly insightful, but I am going to introduce them shortly.


Firstly its start with five trends/ways on how and why the business is changing:

1- The demise of the disposable society

2- Advocacy over advertising

3- Gridlock on shelf

4- Supply chain to home not store

5- Reaching the tipping point of online retail

absolem_image4 absolem_image5

Then, Echo describes or makes prospectives on how customer experiences could be in a few years.

I particularly liked  Evie Monnington-Taylor’s article “the power of the pixel” for its vision of shopper experience, giving another approach of online retail.

She explains how online shopping experience could change if it was more focused on consumer. What you are looking for ? Which fragrance, for which occasion, etc… instead of featuring an accumulation of products and meaningless brands.

If you want to go more into Absolem, I strongly recommend you to visit Echo’s website, where you can order your very own issue.

Thank you Echo Brand Design for sending me one !




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