Cannes Lions 2014: Ideas I wish I would have had.

Ok. Euphoria from Cannes has slowed down. Time is to analyze and constructive comments.

I am going to sprawl into evidence but I particularly liked the campaign  “I spent it on myself” from Adam&Eve DDB for Harvey Nichols.

I think the idea is excellent, it’s an audacious bet, and its realization is perfect to the very last detail.

Instead of speaking with the same voice like everyone else “my product is the best”, “we have the best selection”, “we are more trendy”, the agency makes the difference in inviting the clients to spend more time and money for themselves.

More than just a film, it’s a complete global activation, including film, digital, design.

Controversial, criticized but finally rightly awarded in Cannes, it is to me the perfect example of the good strategy and a brilliant planning.



Capture d’écran 2014-06-25 à 18.19.06



Design then, as the Design Grand Prix was attributed to Anti for its impressive global work on Bergen film festival.

I already featured this case here five months ago for its global nature: it is for me the essence of design. Start with an idea and then develop it on a wide brand activation.


814605bea8b25a1f48b14ed1625b4bd7 81d6c8d15deac4dc5a4fd04e64e94ab7 ee665778c4194bb97244eb349fba4b69


Another brilliant design case, very strategic and 100% cute and genuine, ” Penguins Navy” by Hakuhodo.

In order to arise the Sunshine Aquarium from the other cultural activities of Tokyo, the agency realized augmented reality penguins to guide the customers to the aquarium.

Capture d’écran 2014-06-25 à 18.17.41


Two campaigns, coming from two great ideas and strong insights.

First, “Almost identical” by Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi. Everyone knows that chewing a gum adds a little something, gives you style, makes you look cool… but it’s hardly demonstrable rationally.

To show the brand difference, and its “positive” effect, this activation is going through this common preconception transform it into a great ad for Beldent Infinit.


Capture d’écran 2014-06-25 à 18.19.43


Secondly, “Pay per laugh”. I love this dispositive. The goverment deciden to raise the tax for theatrical shows from 8% to 21%, resulting in the loss of audience numbers.

Facing this reality, the agency The Cyranos imagined an activation to increase the frequentation of theatre in Spain: you will pay per laugh.

Using facial recognition system that detects the smile, and proposes the following deal to spectators: “Entrance will be totally free.

If the show produces no laughs, you don´t pay anything. However, if you laugh, you have to pay for each smile”.

I truly think this idea deserved much more than a bronze lion, but I obviously was not in the jury !

Capture d’écran 2014-06-25 à 18.21.08



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