Identity, branding : Fatties.

fatties-bakery-01 fatties-bakery-02 fatties-bakery-03 fatties-bakery-16 fatties-bakery-04 fatties-bakery-05 fatties-bakery-06 fatties-bakery-07 fatties-bakery-08 fatties-bakery-09 fatties-bakery-10 fatties-bakery-11 fatties-bakery-12 fatties-bakery-13 fatties-bakery-14 fatties-bakery-15


I discovered today on Identity Designed the brilliant work of Dot Dash for Fatties.

I like this identity for its playful approach which demystify this kind product, but which is also very elegant and sophisticated.


We worked with Chloe Timms, the founder of Fatties, to develop the name and identity for this new bakery/confectionery.

Fatties produces its treats from a small bakery at the back of Broadway Market and will be stocked in La Bouche and Pinch Pantry.

Fatties’ product range consists of things like cardamon and pistachio caramels, bags of passion fruit sherbet with pineapple lollipops, and coconut flour brownies.

We created the name and design simultaneously with the idea of juxtaposing the connotations of the name with a clean, sophisticated design.

This was done by playfully stretching the letters in the logos, combined with a modern colour scheme and a pattern/texture evoking the floured surfaces seen in bakeries.

The overall objective was to produce an identity that was luxurious, playful and modern.


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