Global branding: Jewish Museum

jewishmuseumlogo6 hexagonlogo colorpal jewishmuseumhouse blackpatternnew businesscardsblackrevised jewishmuseumgrey jmtypography2_1 typeblack5_1 folderonwhite Pattern_1_1800_1114 newanim_1 pattern4_1 bagsboxes2_1_1800_1114 rotatingnew wrappingpaper_1800_1114 jewishmuseumiconscropped_1800_1114 onview_1_1800_1114 JMIconsrevised_1 iconslighter cafecropped jmphotoapps5_1800_1114 jmifyyourself_1_1800_1114 lastpattern subwayadsrevised_1 subwaynew2_1 jewishmuseummoniter2


The global design studio Sagmeister & Walsh did a great branding work for the Jewish Museum in NYC.

Its identity is declined with elegance and style over all the communication elements.

I like this modern approach, it makes this institution completely timeless : from the future, present and past.


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