Branding, packaging: ZADOR

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I discovered today Eszter Laki ‘s last work for ZADOR, the soap family company.

I truly love the details of its design and I decided to feature it here.

The Balaton Highland variegated with downs and Castle Zador surviving the storms of the Middle Age can be found in the heart of Europe. The family manufactory represents a new trend in the world of natural and handmade soaps by alloying the traditions and the most modern manufacturing procedures. The Zador soap family is containing exclusively natural ingredients thanks its special strength to the world famous thermal water in Hévíz, Europe’s largest hot water lake.
The goal of the design was to mix the manuality with the luxury taste. I drawed the ornaments of the 7 different fragance (cocoa, lavender, cherry blossom, red grape, paprika, fig&pear and rose) with a brushpen. The logo and the Z sign has got gold hotprint on the black cardboard ring around the soap. Every piece is wrapped manually in the manufactory.
Photography by Balázs Glódi 

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