Branding, identity: De Vitrine Gallery

a0eeca280a8ec977b96ac98884b9cafc e6fbb01672d411faa0db2901cb670c18 7d9dc1ad2d3e9b90e6a0ae8b65be5a13 8cc6c6129dd48fe1adb2029d52e36d43 26ba4119f8616241fc1164543fd39da0 9c93033ba9f8645259a5d137dd472766 792c2511f14480ed85e87032309c8abe 5d7a9d9aa7b65e1e318aac802cca4ece 6e0479eac576055b0fe8414489dadf94 0249d7a6f03f6ef6634ffb6e46666845 b9a9452b0a6ebc2d4a9f94e14c7a7a67 6760488b9dcbf32eb7939a6d42e82477 04da4074d277c79ca32c968917486d09 d9c738668c06bc35f9113a276539d415


Visual Identity for De Vitrine Gallery space by Marta Veludo



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