Innovation, packaging design: LESS

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How innovation can transform and enhance a packaging experience ?

I would say by creating an interaction with the consumer, by involving him.

This is what Landor Associates Paris did to illustrate values of this brand involved in sustainability.

They recently got rewarded by a D&AD Award.


LESS is a minimalist identity that quietly communicates the brand’s desire to provide only what’s essential.

The mark has a special quality: it exists in the negative space.

It is either sandblasted on bottles or cut out on recycled paper, meaning it only appears by removing material.

The packaging experience becomes bespoke with the purchase of the Unique Drop gift bottle, whose label is customized by a drop of the wine it contains.

The branding system fully embodies all the attributes of this sustainable brand: less sulfites, less packaging, less ink, less money.

Buy LESS, get more.  Source : D&AD Awards blog.




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