Branding, Identity: Soap Industries

Soap-mainLogoSM-700x813 Soap-brandLogoSM1-700x393 Soap-brandLogoSM2-700x393 Soap_StationeryBEV Soap_Stationery Soap_CompSlip SOAP_StationerySM2-700x393 Soap_FoilSM2-700x393 Soap_BusinessCard-700x813 Soap_Brochurecover2 Soap_embossLG Soap_spread2-700x393 Soap_spread4-700x393 Soap_spread3-700x393 Soap_spread1-700x393 Soap_Ipadhands Soap_Iphone

Soap are a new digital and mobile development agency based in London.

They recently commissioned the creative studio Socio Design to imagine their identity.

I decided to feature their interesting work here because I think this identity makes the difference on digital/mobile market.

 They differentiate themselves from their competitors through the craft and detail imbued in their service.

Soap were keen to leverage this unique selling point and establish themselves as a premium player in the desktop and mobile development market.

We created a brand story and identity system that represented Soap’s distinct perspective and applied it to both print and digital collateral.

The result was a paradoxical brand that reflected Soap’s craftsmanship and tactile work ethic through 1930s industrial insignia, pastel colours and metallic foils.

This unusual combination helped to define a distinct brand style that communicated the core values at the heart of the business, and set Soap apart from their competitors. 

Printed material by Avenue Litho.


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