Editorial, Design : Above the roofs of Berlin

DSCN9276_2506 DSCN9297_2527_ DSCN8860_2184_ DSCN8857_2181_ DSCN9507_2737 DSCN9525_2755 DSCN9371_2601_ DSCN9414_2644 DSCN9440_2670 DSCN9436_2666 DSCN9443_2673_ DSCN9486_2716 DSCN9474_2704 DSCN9303_2533 DSCN9328_2558 DSCN9392_2622 DSCN9514_2744 DSCN9522_2752 DSCN9538_2768_ DSCN9520_2750


I wanted to feature today Neubau‘s last work for “Above the roofs of Berlin”, which is everything I like in German Design : strong, impactful but simple and uncluttered.

Neubau is a design studio based in Berlin.

Founded by Stefan Gandl the studio develops work for systems in print, on screen and in space.



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