Identity, Editorial, Packaging : The Geometry of Pasta

122-The-Geometry-of-Pasta-here-design 7-The-Geometry-of-Pasta-here-design 110-The-Geometry-of-Pasta-here-design 2-The-Geometry-of-Pasta-here-design 120-The-Geometry-of-Pasta-here-design 3-The-Geometry-of-Pasta-here-design 34-The-Geometry-of-Pasta-here-design 6-The-Geometry-of-Pasta-here-design 4-The-Geometry-of-Pasta-here-design 5-The-Geometry-of-Pasta-here-design k0-The-Geometry-of-Pasta-here-design 9-The-Geometry-of-Pasta-here-design a-The-Geometry-of-Pasta-here-design



The Geometry of Pasta entrusted Here Design to build its brand identity.

The London based branding agency imagined a stylish identity to give a new approach of pasta : pasta are featured as small pieces of design.

The cook book is a real invitation to curiosity, you definitely want to explore each page to appreciate each illustration or to learn about the subject matter.


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