Branding, Identity, webdesign: Z Ballerini

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The Austrian branding agency Moodley presented this week its last work on Z Ballerini.

As I really appreciate their vision of luxury and true craftsmanship, I decided to feature it here.

I strongly recommend you to visit their portfolio and Ballerini’s site to fully enjoy the experience.


Mike Z Ballerini grew up as the son of a farmer in the suburbs of Detroit. A city which is today mainly dominated by abandoned factories and empty production halls.
As a fashion designer this was inspirational for Ballerini. And he’s still inspired today, crafting high-grade bags for men.
In Detroit luxury does not have to shine. So his bags are reduced to the essentials: the craftsmanship, the materials, the man who carries them.
Each one is hand-crafted. Young labels like Z Ballerini are giving new confidence to the former stronghold of automotive engineering.
Even if many assembly lines are now shut down you can still feel the spirit of Detroit.

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