Good packaging of the week #20

Theo Chocolates by Ashley Flanagan

acc243cfd243098b2a0d0f3286430390 3f48e318b00004cf523e1ad9f50b47a1 c7678fd9e3cc55cd8ade328e7ed4db9e


Droga Chocolates by Cult Partners

Droga_2 1398298970231


My olive tree by mousegraphics

my-olive-tree-04 my-olive-tree-02 my-olive-tree-01


Charlie by Ceft and company NYC

1398144354487 charlie-portfolio-2013-fragrance-pack-design-300dpi24 charlie-portfolio-2013-fragrance-pack-design-300dpi23 charlie-portfolio-2013-fragrance-pack-design-300dpi16


Onyx Coffee Labs by BLKBOXLabs




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