Branding, identity: Franco-German Cultural Fund

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The french agency Graphéine was commissioned to build the new identity for the Franco-German Cultural Fund.

The Franco-German Cultural Fund was created on the occasion of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty (2003).

This program illustrates the willingness of France and Germany to strengthen their cultural cooperation, but also and above all to make visible their commitment to European integration.

The concept is based on the notion of cross exchange. Germany is represented by a horizontal axis, and France by a vertical axis.

A color is assigned to each of these two axes.

The superposition of two colors at the intersection of two axes symbolizes collaboration, dialogue and intercultural exchange between Fance and Germany. 

The exchange and collaboration link is reinforced by the common use of the word “Fonds” (fund).

Indeed, it is the only word which is identical in both languages. It is therefore legitimate it has its place in the center of the logo in the center of the crossing.




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