Innovation, Design: Beacon, payphones resurrection.

frogdesign_frog_beacon_carousel_12_1500x845 frogdesign_frog_beacon_carousel_02_1 frogdesign_frog_beacon_carousel_04_1 frogdesign_frog_beacon_carousel_11_1500x845 frog_beacon_carousel_6_new

For many, mobile devices have made the corner payphone a thing of the past.

The City of New York asked for a fresh concept that would help make future booths more useful to city inhabitants and lucrative for operators.

Frog imagined a new form of urban infrastructure: fully multi-task, UX oriented, and 100% every-efficient and durable.

As Beacon is solar-powered, it is always connected, even if the communication services are down.

Beacon was awarded “best visual design and user experience” by New York City officials in late 2012.

Source, full video : Frog’s portfolio


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