Branding, editorial: Bespoke Studio

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Bespoke Studio is New York’s preeminent digital production studio, unique in their passion for delivering beautiful images.

 STUDIO NEWWORK was assigned to design their promotional book and branding.

The use of the Bespoke logo was kept consistent in size for most of printed materials such as business cards, letterheads, envelopes and correspondence cards.

The considerably large logo for business card wraps around to the back of the card.

The promotional book showcases works of Bespoke Studio for top-notch photographers and brands in fashion, beauty, and advertising.

Bold geometric shapes in black add tension and create balance in layout design.

The shapes are placed on the edge of the book, and the fore-edge of the book is designed to form the Bespoke logo wrapping around to the back of the book.


STUDIO NEWWORK is a graphic design studio based in New York, passionated by typography, design and strong commitments.


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