Brand spotlight: Marou Chocolate by Rice Creative

I recently felt in love with Rice Creative’s work on Marou Chocolate.

I thought it would be more interesting to present you their entire work on the brand to show you their great identity work.

Details and explanations are at the end of this post.


“Basic” but truly outstanding range:



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Co-branded Rice Creative & Marou bar to gift:

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Anniversary Edition:


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“Marou + Rice Creative” opening invite & gifts:


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Limited edition packaging design for Marou & Wallpaper* Magazine: 


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Chocolate road trip map: 


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Marou for La Grande Epicerie de Paris:


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4g Napolitain Chocolates:


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Editorial and promotional design for Salon du Chocolat 2012:


bdf4c19b258ca4b6bcf80ff5eefca23c 6cec2572a7ea66e68def8b2fef143c84 6b9d0ca22c81f9845d59ae2f5b8fbf6d 00cdebc572b9e28653b3da79e49ac54d 4e4a2d28b56c67f9e903dc1eeb3c1756 2e246d6db10e4429e9f2887ba3613521 348d20c844cfce358b804714bc53cc2c ac46bd6fb98b75c0197188f89594b603 8820436ae32cd8e151b98ec0b9a45090



Design and packaging details: 

These chocolate bars are the first single origin gourmet bean-to-bar chocolate to come out of Vietnam.
“Chocolate makers working directly at the source of the cacao farms are still very few and far between. Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat, based in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is one such company who have created the first single origin gourmet bean-to-bar chocolate to come out of Vietnam.
Marou was founded less than a year ago by two adventurous Frenchmen.  They decided, to use the small amounts of cacao beans harvested, fermented and dried on small family farms throughout the Mekong Delta and southern highlands of Vietnam, to make an extraordinary chocolate.

The packaging is strongly linked to Vietnam. Papers are from artisanal printers in Cho Lon, they are all hand printed with intricate traditional lattice patterns.

Typically, the patterns are adorned with illustrated fruits, flowers and auspicious animals. Local printing shop were commissioned to use traditional printing techniques to hand print the design in antique gold ink on each paper.

Images shot by Arnaud de Harven & Wing Chan

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