Global Branding, packaging : Brassneck Brewery

Brassneck-ext-02 Brassneck-ext-01 Brassneck-01 Brassneck-02 Brassneck-04 Brassneck-07 Brassneck-05 Brassneck-06 Brassneck-08 Brassneck-09 Brassneck-10 Brassneck-11 Brassneck-12 Brassneck-13 Brassneck-bottles-01 Brassneck-bottles-02 Brassneck-bottles-03 Brassneck-bottles-04_ Brassneck-bottles-05 Brassneck-bottles-06 Brassneck-bottles-07 Brassneck-bottles-08 Brassneck-bottles-09 Brassneck-bottles-rotate XX-BN-Poster-group_


Post Projects is a is a Vancouver based graphic art and global branding studio that recently designed the identity for Brassneck Brewery.

Based in Vancouver, Brassneck offers brewed on-site selections at their growler fill station or in their tasting lounge.

The identity makes use of bold typography, starkly contrasted by more loose, whimsical ink drawings by artist Maggie Boyd.


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