Inspiration : Fishion CNY Pocket

Fishion-Box Fishion-BoxOpen Fishion-Screen Fishion-Design1 Fishion-Design2 Fishion-Design3 Fishion-Design4 Fishion-Design6 Fishion-Design5 Fishion-Design7 Fishion-Design13 Fishion-Design14 Fishion-Design12 Fishion-Design8 Fishion-Design9 Fishion-Design10 Fishion-Design11 Fishion-Design15 Fishion-Design16 Fishion-Detail1 Fishion-Detail3 Fishion-Detail2 Fishion-Detail4 Fishion-Detail5 Fishion-Detail6 Fishion-Detail7 Fishion-Detail9 Fishion-Detail10 Fishion-Detail8 Fishion-Detail11 Fishion-Mood2 Fishion-BoxDetail2 Fishion-BoxDetail11



Made by “Blow“, a design studio based in Hong Kong, this pocket is made for the Chinese New Year. I especially like the printing and the details of this work. I thought it could have been a great source of inspiration.

According to BLOW :

We collaborate with Polytrade Paper again to make use of the colourful astrobrights papers to create a set of 16 contemporary red packet designs with the theme ‘Fishion’ for 2014 Chinese New Year.

Fish is an elegant and auspicious symbol in Chinese traditions. It has a good meaning of good fortune and abundance in the Chinese New Year. To deliver a happy & prosperous atmosphere of the new year, we have created the theme ‘Fishion’ and illustrates the elegant and lively movements of the Fish on different red pockets with vibrant colors and printing effects. The ‘Fishion’ red pockets were sold in different retail stores.


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