Identity, packaging: Kërning

kerning_0001 kerning_0002 kerning_0003 kerning_0004 kerning_0005 kerning_0006 kerning_0007 kerning_0008 kerning_0009 kerning_0010 kerning_0011 kerning_0012 kerning_0013


The famous Brazilian design studio of Isabela Rodriges, Sweety branding studio is proudly presenting this week its last work: Kërning Coffee.

Kërning is a Brazilian Coffee Subscription business focused on designers and people interested in art.

The corporate design is characterized by different graphic patterns, clear design and natural materials.  The work included the entire identity concept and the development of a sophisticated packaging set.

With a bold typography, we design this brand to get the essence of the design’s world. Says Isabela Rodriges.

Furthermore, there is a great work of simplification of the coffee itself: instead of speaking with complicated and pretentious terms, the choices are reduced to “Bold”, “Regular”, “Light”.


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