Identity : Puma Fishtailrides

puma-fishtail-rides-01 puma-fishtail-rides-02 puma-fishtail-rides-15 puma-fishtail-rides-16 puma-fishtail-rides-04 puma-fishtail-rides-03 puma-fishtail-rides-12 puma-fishtail-rides-11

Moloobhoy & Brown a creative and independent agency from Dubai created a complete brand identity project for PUMA Middle East.

PUMA Wanted to create and launch the brand for a fixed gear bike community initiative in Dubai, UAE.

From naming and identity, to brand film and soundtrack. The identity needed to inspire and encourage fixed gear riders, enthusiasts, and the uninitiated to come along for a ride.

The creative agency defined the brand positioning as ‘ride a different side of your city’. In a young city, disparate and sparse, a city ruled by cars and taxis, there is little connection to the streets.

Fishtail Rides was born out of this feeling and a need to reconnect with the streets of Dubai. It’s not a race, or a fancy fitness group, it’s as complicated as people + fixies = good times.

The name was inspired by the motion created from a rear wheel skidding on a fixed gear bicycle, also known as ‘fishtailing’. Moloobhoy & Brown incorporated three key elements to inspire the icon — wheel, frame, and fishtail. The typography was stencil-like to appeal to the custom fits and finishes fixed gear riders apply to their rides.


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