Avinor global branding


For its rebranding, Avinor chooses the design studio Snøhetta to imagine an identity that reflect its activity.

From north to south, tying Norway together – and Norway together with the world. 

Avinor’s new logo and symbol is a consolidated statement describing the company’s public service mission of The Norwegian Airport Network. With a new specially-designed typeface and the unique symbol, Avinor aims to cement their market position as a full-service provider in the aviation industry and support strategic changes happening within the organization.

From the beginning, Snøhetta worked closely with Avinor to understand the organization’s interests through collaborative workshops. This process gave the designers useful insights into Avinor’s work and their important national, public mission. Through a collective approach, the design team listened and gathered important contributions from the organization’s many talented employees.
Essential to the strategic process was to develop a more effective, coherent and unified group consensus to provide one face to the customer. From this common vision and set of behavioral values,  a unifying visual identity were created.
Snøhetta’s work on Avinor has been a transdisciplinary process, engaging all design disciplines – graphic design, motion graphics, interior design, architecture, interactive design and service design. All designers have been working from the conceptual starting point of Connections, and expanding it into a wide range of possibilities.
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Art Direction:
The Design Manual ensures Avinor presents itself consistently throughout the world. A strong brand aids recognition among various audiences, conveys company values and helps build a reputation through consistent communication and design.
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Web design and smartphone app
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Outdoor design:
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