Hubbly Bubbly, a falafel identity

Here is an identity I’ve found here for a falafel restaurant.

It is not a surprise if I tell you that the owner and chief executive of Hubbly Bubbly, Mark Unger, is also one of the Push partners: this identity is  bold and well thought, pretty unusual for this type of restaurant. Here is a complete “kit” of icons, colors, designs that perfectly fits with the branding of the restaurant.

Push_HubblyBubbly_01 Push_HubblyBubbly_04 Push_HubblyBubbly_03 Push_HubblyBubbly_02 Push_HubblyBubbly_08 Push_HubblyBubbly_05 Push_HubblyBubbly_07 Push_HubblyBubbly_10 Push_HubblyBubbly_09 Push_HubblyBubbly_11 Push_HubblyBubbly_12 Push_HubblyBubbly_13 Push_HubblyBubbly_15 Push_HubblyBubbly_16 Push_HubblyBubbly_14


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