T-We another identity by ANTI

T-We is Canal Digital’s new product release. Canal Digital is Norway’s largest cable operator and a major player in this market.

The new identity features everything from the logo and name development to full implementation on all physical and digital platforms.


ab6ffe937c430a0726eca7176b4713c8 c6549a99ee9733253cf8b6e4587c7444 12c7758d59aa08455274fd50b00dd80b a6531800895e934306beea5a56f509a0 86eef27fc5c66b42330f71fc3e7d4907



When we were developing the name and the identity concept it was important for us to focus on the mission of thw new service. We wanted to capture the essence of what today’s viewer can experience on all digital surfaces and TV screens. We are all more integrated in today’s interaction with what WE experience on screens and TV´s.

Entertainment, gaming, Skype, and recording our favorite TV-shows are all features that now are part of how we interact with the media. So turning the TV to become that, we ended up with the name T-We. We solved the visual identity by framing what are the most important features nowadays when it comes to content, WE. The logo is used as a flexible tool so it can be alive and be framed around important content once used on the surfaces of the identity. Explains ANTI.


t-weantiproduktbilde t-weanti6 t-welogoanti t-weanti12 t-weanti7 t-weanti8 t-weanti9 t-weanti42 t-weanti11


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