I found this interesting project on Arais Zenonce‘s behance profile and I decided to feature it here.
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N°3 is the third publication of OBLIQUE which is an editorial object between a magazine and a book. The content is about art, illustration, design and architecture. Presenting the work of Ariane Goetz, Lilo Baur, Blaise Sahy, Sibylle Stoeckli, Catherine Gfeller and Aris Zenone.
Canvas hardcover with gold foil and black brilliant debossed foil print, all folded in a white cardboard case black printed. For the interior two papers are used, a coated for each section and a red offset printed in gold Pantone for each separation. Printing techniques includes, varnish, drip off, multiple Pantone.
The last section’s offset plate were hand engraved with a paintbrush using plates corrector gel and Iris printed with two pantone, this means that each copy of this book is different.This publication features also photography from Sophie Huguenot, Gaël Bétant, Matthieu Gafsou,
David Gagnebin-De Bons, Nicolaï Lo Russo, Michel Meier and Mathieu Martin.


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