Asylum design studio

I had the pleasure to discover Asylum design studio last week and after looking at their portfolio I contact them and decided to feature their tremendous work here.

I strongly recommend you to have a look to their portfolio by clicking on this link.

I particularly liked what they did for Truly Irresistible/The Co-operative and Poundland’s sweets: a right use of photography and transparency to enhance the product’s tastiness, and beautiful typography to make these sweets looks more vintage and traditional. Furthermore, the packagings are riddled with little details that make them truly unique.




A word of Asylum on The Co-operative Truly Irresistible range :

The Co-operative is one of the top 5 supermarkets in the UK. Asylum was asked to review the packaging design for the premium food range.

We identified that we needed to make ‘Truly irresistible’ more than it had been – just a badge. It must be the key range differentiator giving the customer a reason to believe. By creating a ‘truly’ statement we were able to connect the identity to the quality of product and communicate what makes each product different to the standard range – making it indeed ‘Truly Irresistible.’ For example, compared to the standard pizza the ‘Truly Irresistible’ pizza has a hand stretched dough base that makes it ‘… truly indulgent’.

The design also relies heavily on photography to communicate the quality of the product and its ingredients. The photography captures a vintage, rustic feel, using props evocative of a traditional kitchen. By using cutlery that looks like it’s been used and crumbs around the plates we give the sense that you couldn’t help but tuck in – again reinforcing the product identity as ‘Truly Irresistible.’  – Says Vicky Beswick, Asylum’s Creative Director.

SweetHeaven_1 SweetHeaven_2 SweetHeaven_4 SweetHeaven_3

A word of Asylum on Sweet Heaven Confectionery :

Poundland is a UK retailer that sells anything and everything – branded and own label. They have a simple pricing structure – everything is £1. Asylum was asked to help position and redesign their own-label confectionery range called Sweet Heaven.

As all brands are at the same price point, we needed to improve consumer perception to challenge the established competition – Cadbury’s and Haribo. We created an identity and pack design based on the heritage and nostalgia of a traditional sweet shop – making Sweet Heaven a differentiated and established brand. We used nostalgic cues, phrasing and typography to communicate quality, trust and engage on an emotional level. Clear and strong colour coding helped differentiate the ranges and the products within them ie. chocolates, mints and classics.

The whole pack design reinforced the sentiment of the traditional sweet shop – from a humbug-shaped barcode to a Victorian gent binman – the brand’s personality lives in every detail. – Says Vicky Beswick, Asylum’s Creative Director.


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