A simple symbol

the-chain-reaction-project-logo-01 the-chain-reaction-project-icons-01 the-chain-reaction-project-posters-01 the-chain-reaction-project-posters-02 the-chain-reaction-project-stationery-01 the-chain-reaction-project-card-01 the-chain-reaction-project-card-02 the-chain-reaction-project-card-03 the-chain-reaction-project-notebook-01 the-chain-reaction-project-notebook-02 the-chain-reaction-project-identity-01

The Chain Reaction Project (TCRP) is a non-profit organisation launched in 2009, when four women committed to help change lives in some of the world’s least-developed nations.

The brand identity was created in 2012 by Singapore-based Bravo Company, a design studio founded by Edwin Tan and Janice Teo.

It’s an excellent example of how a simple-looking symbol can form part of a much stronger visual identity, and why there’s a lot more value in logos when viewed as part of the bigger picture.



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