Squared transparency

This great editorial branding has been imagined by Anagrama.

Gist is a lifestyle magazine that reports on many different subjects, from fashion to gadgets, health and tourism. Its naming is a reflection of its multifaceted nature. Its readers can “get the gist” on all the different topics of each issue.

Anagrama wanted to disrupt the editorial classical codes and proposed a simple identity based on the emphasis of pictures through the use of thick frames and colored backgrounds.

In GIST, the images always appear front and center, so the magazine presents a great opportunity for up-and-coming photographers to show off their work. Since GIST’s topics are ever-changing and versatile, we decided that it was important to keep the cover constant. It will always feature the portrait of a model superimposed by a frame of gorgeous, shiny foil. – says Anagrama.

A-1 B-1 C-1 E-1 F-1 O-1 G-1 R-1 P-1 Q-1 H-1 D-1 U-1 W-1 Z1-1

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