Launch tradeshow

Organizers of an all-new, California-based lifestyle apparel Trade show contracted Wedge & Lever to create a complete identity that would give the Launch Trade show a refined look and feel for its debut.

Project scope included logo generation—logotype and icon—stationery, packaging, video, and a responsive website design.

ebd97b1c025d961b8a645336d103fd54 a483d9d01536f7b287cc52462e2aa8e4 07786775835e3e51d34fbe619479fedf ef67d0ed74cd4dd89d1d44161902d019 bd68bbb3e0db5f71a5ce311d91df616b bcccdc245ca4f332c1f40da2682f5e88 424d813e713afc6b5185d1e7fe1468ea e17fab53abac6578ed803d417950425e ca9349fb4b28b63429fb453860188017 9f8bd74183a216ad18bad552169b5e00


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