An innovative incubator

A smart project such as an innovative incubator deserves a brilliant identity.

This is the case of Beespace, a non profit incubator helping to identify and launch the next generation of innovative nonprofits.

By providing shared services, office space, and support from a dynamic community of innovators and leaders, Beespace is poised to launch the best and the brightest nonprofits looking to Profit the World.

This project was realized by Apartement One a great branding studio based in Brooklyn. Have a look to their portfolio. I also strongly recommand you to have a look to Victoria Herrera‘s portfolio, who is one of the designers who worked on this project.

” We worked intimately with Interim Executive Director, Simon Isaacs from the ground up to develop the brand from the core brand positioning and brand manifesto to the visual brand identity, print collateral, website design, and office branding. We crafted an aspirational brand motto, Profit the World that champions the values, purpose, and intent of the organization. Alongside this process, we developed the core brand identity looking to distill all Beespace has to offer into a visual brand language from the logo and typography to the photography direction and icon development. It was essential that the visual identity embodied the progressive spirit, vibrant nature and energetic intentions of the organization.


One of the most exciting pieces of this brand is the Profit the World mural created to live permanently in the space. The mural is a dynamic and abstract expression of the internal ethos, energy, and values of the incubator and is a visual feast to enjoy and inspire over and again.


We are honored to be a part of bringing this incredible brand to life and look forward to continuing to support the organization and it’s incubees as they forge forth to Profit the World. “ says Apartement One.

A1_Beespace2 A1_Beespace1 A1_Beespace3 A1_Beespace4 BS_Web6 BS_Web7 A1_Beespace17 A1_Beespace10 A1_Beespace11 A1_Beespace12 A1_Beespace15

 Credits :

Studio: Apartment One
Creative Direction: Liza Lowinger, Spencer Bagley
Strategy: Simon Isaacs
Design: Spencer Bagley, Victoria Herrera


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