Tipsy Anniversary

To celebrate these five fantastic years, the branding agency Robot Food has had special, limited edition rum bottled, with a label that speaks of ‘a depth and complexity far beyond its years.’ Each bottle has been hand numbered and finished with a branded wax seal. Why rum?

“Rum fuelled many an evening’s conversation as we were setting the business up, so it felt apt. To mark the occasion, we chose a very special pale gold sipping rum.”

Mike Shaw, Client Director

Something to savour then, just like the past five years.

Designed by Robot Food, Leeds, UK

1_1_14_RFAnniversayGift_2 1_1_14_RFAnniversayGift_1 1_1_14_RFAnniversayGift_3 1_1_14_RFAnniversayGift_4 1_1_14_RFAnniversayGift_5 1_1_14_RFAnniversayGift_6


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