Cobs global branding

I had the pleasure to discover Watts Design’s work on Cobs Popcorn through their last natural pack on packaging of the world.

After a short visit on Watt’s Design’s portfolio, I thought Cobs Popcorn was a great global branding case with nice activation exemples.

Branding :

Cobs Popcorn needed to put their tasty organic popcorn on the map. So we created a comprehensive branding and packaging system, compelling communication strategy and campaignable idea that’s been successfully used across all types of marketing and advertising.

With iconic illustrations and the use of strong colour, Cobs flavour variants now stand out on shelves all across Australia.


Advertising :


cobs-open-air-posters cobs-openair-mockup

Packaging :

Simple, uncluttered design keeping the brand prominent, yet subtle.

cobs-naturals-lineup Cobs-I-love-popcorn

Web Design :

cobs_shop_ipad cobs_website_ipad cobs_website_ipad2 cobs_website_ipad4 iPad_cobs_shop_gif

Expo stand :






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