Nöra identity

Nöra is a design house in São Paulo and London. Their projects range from delivering seats for Wembley Arena and the FIFA World Cup Brazil to furnishing high-end offices. Inspired by their services, Heydays, a Norwegian branding agency  created a sophisticated identity with a playful twist.

2c1647da1b97d9f7aef2210208fdb5ae 03775cca558c3796f044b3f96d452a6d 2955b22df730f9b44c68c879451308f8 b1d1ffdb3f574b758629bb44ee4cc35f c5842c4399f52c96981214d6522b2921 ec0c28417046b56a704fabb22a16bf68 c15e2b233006bcfe172fc22bd83c5286 37450972752b1386130a31efca72009d 0294b7b9ece695dc7afa874dff1f6deb b33f00bf4bc890be4d66f25ea33e51ee 15bb2d743db42155ff780a72adec892e


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