Do it yourself rules

Naturality and customizable products are two unmistakable trends of this decade. As tea is responding at 100% to “naturality”, this smart company had the great idea to propose a fully customizable offer.

The Berliner design studio Sonnenstaub enhanced this concept of customization and naturality by creating a kraft packaging completely customizable by the consumer.


5 CUPS and some sugar” is an online shop where customers can create their own tea mixture from more than 50 high-quality ingredients. The philosophy of individuality is strongly reflected in the packaging of the tea. For every tea mixture the customer can choose specific packaging with different colours and illustrations, for instance funny Easter eggs printed on the packet, hidden for example on the bottom of the cardboard box. The tea is delivered under an individualised name, which is defined by the customer when ordering, then printed on a label and attached to the box.”

11_23_2013_5cupsandsomesugar_3 11_23_2013_5cupsandsomesugar_2


Client: 5 CUPS and some sugar, Berlin

Design: Sonnenstaub – Büro für Gestaltung und Illustration, Berlin

Art Direction: Sonja Marterner, Peter Großöhme

Graphic Design: Iris Fussenegger, Peter Großöhme

Illustration: Sonja Marterner


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