Cult Partners’ portfolio

I had the pleasure to discover this week the great work that Cult Partners did on Williams-Sonoma’s thanksgiving food assortments.

As I re-discovered their trully creative portfolio, I couldn’t resist to share it in its entirety.

I find their creations are elegant and contemporary.

Wine & spirits :

00_1200x900_OohlLaLa Maison 00_1200x900_Patine Cult_website_2-26Diablo 00_1200x900_Noosh

Food :

WS_ThanksGiving 00_1200x900_Olive_Oil 00_1200x900_Pasta 00_1200x900_Essence 00_1200x900_Salt 00_1200x900_Venge Cult_website_2-13 Cult_website_2-23 WS_Olives WS_Pasta 00_1200x900_Peanut

Fashion/Web design :

logo_tellstyle designhester-50132c6f115ec37 designhester-50132c6f115ec34 designhester-50132c6e115ec31


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