Studio Arrc branding

Sophie Carr had a dream. The young Australian who now lives in the south of France wanted to start a career as an interior designer.

And she wanted to inspire the creative world, to become an important part of it. And isn’t it all about making dreams come true?

The first step: Studio Arrc, a charmingly arranged design blog that reflects her personality and leaves enough space for new ideas.

Studio Arrc by Sophie Carr is one of the ongoing international branding projects by moodley brand identity – with great prospects.

128c75d8b69a60881b36d027472e1b56 807c1f6513c2f00ccea72555a1569868 e3c71bdb3cf3e014704d314335c66e9b 94b29c8c7ab2e50064688c7aa4d64154 9df1193cf78f818caa4105de4b14da8f 9d1f6e4d558f1691321384ae88e8068a 4da12b29c95d922d43e0742e94aa0ae7 7a6d1ebc0e08ad12846e32b363c96a9c 002c5d1aaba68fd5243f4a9948623aaf 974fffdeadddfe771370f4f23174bae3 55951d4057c4303ad32926b79e4efd05 a67c6ea1426f194fe3396610fec2213f ab192ec871a6a450189a5d9f01c8f813 b721b3be065f2c5d7659e2d2b2b66f91 bdda3f6be0cb86a6a68795460e110064 e353d1a0e770bc38cf70a1afa3f9c717 7157c03a07ab16e33b0baf7a0edad39c
Client: Sophie Carr, Interior Designer
Creative Direction: Mike Fuisz
Art Direction & Graphic Design: Sabine Kernbichler
Director Digital: Birgit Taucher
Programming: Mario Sommer
Account Management: Christina Schachner


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