Domicil showroom

Domicil showroom by Design Apartement, Shanghai – China.

Pictures speak by themselves…


Designer: Tang, Chung-han
Photographer: Sam / Yvonne

Domicil-showroom-by-DESIGN-APARTMENT-Shanghai-China-02 Domicil-showroom-by-DESIGN-APARTMENT-Shanghai-China-03 Domicil-showroom-by-DESIGN-APARTMENT-Shanghai-China Domicil-showroom-by-DESIGN-APARTMENT-Shanghai-China-11 Domicil-showroom-by-DESIGN-APARTMENT-Shanghai-China-10 Domicil-showroom-by-DESIGN-APARTMENT-Shanghai-China-09 Domicil-showroom-by-DESIGN-APARTMENT-Shanghai-China-08 Domicil-showroom-by-DESIGN-APARTMENT-Shanghai-China-07 Domicil-showroom-by-DESIGN-APARTMENT-Shanghai-China-05 Domicil-showroom-by-DESIGN-APARTMENT-Shanghai-China-06

An information found on retail design blog.


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