Crazy Doctor

The design studio Masquespacio has imaginated a bold and fantastic identity and retail design for Doctor Manzana.

“talking about the colors as we started from a company name allied with a doctor we wanted to create a concept based on a hospital, however as we didn’t want to create a conventional design, we discarded this option, but maintaining blue and green colors as a reference to the first word in the company’s brand name.” says Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, creative director of masquespacio.

img_1_1386678285_d16f6d381f61da46207cb70d3ed00f90 img_3_1386678285_3b69f6813acd4c0ad6bfb794e9efa069 img_4_1386678285_7581af5319e925cd53a64174a4ff44ea img_5_1386678285_d2ddce2b6b78282b987896231a56e9cd img_6_1386678285_8d18e5b21a6c954cd5578d483ad39b6b img_7_1386678285_87b8cbde52699a56c90e24c2a4d314dd img_8_1386678285_29a4862b6e8ea70c29bb086ea9486988 img_9_1386678285_950c85947584401fe38191dba9a52f34 img_10_1386678285_87601a7c43a24323d6508211ade34c31 img_11_1386678285_4df6ec11c2c74fcb593dbbfec9bc8f5f img_12_1386678285_c4750ea94fa0409bd51968ab2f920899


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