Cannon ball branding

The spanish design studio Lo Siento, made an ineteresting branding for a advertising production company in Barcelona.

All the graphic identity and the applications are made with cannonballs.

ecab3c4f52d1ac541fc60964eeab41e2 c184d9444f281a29845e1ad9a505a1fd ad2c50289d81ed14e7ab85bff9ab5713 67725ed6cadcfadc38afd3d51cd88d89 92b87885a965271b7e82fdba0dfa469b 8afb712938387727e6c1d1c559506ce5 0f42e3e36695fe0a418d7a00db49fa0a fdda28987e79babcb688280c6fcfe73d


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