Su Man brand identity

BrandOpus has just created a global identity for Su-Man Hsu ‘s skincare brand.

The project included identity creation, packaging and digital design.

BrandOpus created the Su-Man Skincare brand focusing on the importance of the flow of energy and the strive for balance. The clean and simple style of the brand overall resonates with Su-Man’s direct approach.

The logo incorporates the initial of Su-Man’s name, and portrays it in a brushstroke style, reflective of the Ensō style of calligraphy historically used in Buddhist art. The flowing style of the ‘S’ device is representative of the flow of energy, central to her facial massage technique. A bespoke, fluid word mark was developed in a mulberry tone, echoing the Dragon’s Blood extract, a key ingredient in the range.

Su-Man+BrandOpus+page_1 Su-Man+BrandOpus+page_2 Su-Man+BrandOpus+page_3


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